Harris Hill are delighted to present our 2016 salary survey - our largest and most comprehensive report to date.

During the past 12 months we've worked on more vacancies than ever before: over 1,100 temporary/interim and contract roles, and over 2,000 permanent positions for nearly 700 charity and not for profit organisations.

The salary data is taken from all of our placements in the past year, plus our consultants' expert knowledge of what's being offered in the market right now. As such it is not a definitive study of every salary across the charity sector but is a representative guide which we hope you'll find useful.

In the report, we cover salaries for all specialisms within:

- Fundraising

- Marketing, PR & Digital

- Data & Support (including projects, programmes and admin)

- Finance

- Human Resources

For the first time this year we've also included a guide to temp rates in each role - how much could you earn as a temp, and what should you expect to pay for talented temporary staff?


If you’d like any more information on salaries or working in the charity sector, please get in touch with us on 020 7820 7300 or the relevant team below:

Fundraising 020 7820 7326 fundraising@harrishill.co.uk

Marketing, PR & Digital 020 7820 7333 marketing@harrishill.co.uk

Data & Support 020 7820 7304 data@harrishill.co.uk

Finance 020 7820 7340 financerecruitment@harrishill.co.uk

Human Resources 020 7820 7340 humanresources@harrishill.co.uk