Our strategy and principles

Our principles

These four key principles are pursued throughout our work. We commit to being:

Keep the people who’ll be impacted by the strategy involved and meaningfully engaged so they can input and comment as it evolves.
Focus effort on the areas that are likely to change the most – or where we want to put more investment to drive clarity in areas of high risk or opportunity – not on things that work.

Co-create strategy with the people tasked with delivering it, keeping in mind strategy accountabilities: board sets, CEO develops and delivers through the team.

Recognise strategy is not static and must adapt and respond to internal and external factors: maintain a future-friendly framework that will accommodate refactoring, change and new areas of focus.

Our strategy

How we intend to maximise our impact in Fundraising and Income Generation

We will diversify the portfolio within mass-market fundraising and beyond in order to grow voluntary income generation to £17m in 2022 through:

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