Why our specialist approach works

One of the things that makes Harris Hill unique, or at least pretty unusual in recruitment terms, is that we've done away with the traditional style of account management.
But what exactly does that mean?

Put simply(ish), as an employer, most agencies would assign you an account manager who'd endeavour to meet your every need, whatever the role. It's likely they'll be better placed to handle some roles than others, while they may also have to compete with colleagues seeking the same candidates for their own accounts.

At Harris Hill however, you or the relevant line manager can simply work directly with the person best able to fill your vacancy. Namely, our specialist consultant for jobs in that particular field, who focuses exclusively on the kind of roles in question (not just for certain organisations but sector-wide) and has a wealth of first-hand expertise as a result.

This has at least three clear advantages:

 1  If you're a charity...

...it means you're not reliant on a single account manager (two if you're lucky) to fill all your vacancies, be they community fundraisers, senior finance execs or something they rarely cover, where they don't know the market too well.

Instead, the person working on your role will always be a specialist in that very field - someone who's in contact with the kind of candidates you need, day in, day out.

 2  If you're looking for a new role...

...your consultant will be someone who actually gets what you do, because they specialise in it too. Which means they'll be able to suss out your strengths, understand your skills, and because they work on your kind of roles throughout the sector (instead of for just a few charities), they're more likely to know of opportunities that could be just the job for you.

 3  If you're either of the above...

...you'll benefit from our collaborative approach, where we actually help each other to meet your needs. Revolutionary, eh?

Here's an example:

Let's say you're a brilliant digital manager (congratulations!), but you've registered with a rather ordinary agency (perhaps your brilliance was having an off-day).

Your consultant's the account manager for several charities, but none of them have a suitable vacancy right now. Maybe not this year. But when something does come up, they're confident you'll get the job - and they'll get their commission.

Which explains why there may sometimes be a little reluctance to share your CV with colleagues on other accounts - after all, do they really want to give away their star candidate and a surefire fee? They're only human. Mostly.

So it's possible there are great opportunities you could be missing out on, while as the equally-brilliant head of digital who's looking to hire, there's a chance you might not be seeing the very best candidates your agency can offer, because they 'belong' to a different account manager who's got a holiday in Vegas to pay for and isn't giving them up in a hurry. You get the picture.

Our specialist approach cuts through all of this.

As a brilliant digital manager you'll be connected directly with our digital specialists who handle every last one of our digital roles; while as their potential employer you can be sure our specialists will keep you abreast of all the very best candidates who meet your requirements.

In short, whether you're a job-seeker, employer or both, working with Harris Hill gives you the widest range of options and lets you make a more informed choice; which makes us (we think, modestly) a very smart choice of recruitment partner.

Why not get in touch and see how we can help you or your organisation?

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