Welcome to the Charity Finance Group

A welcome letter from our Chief Executive

Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in these roles and our organisation. I hope that what you find within these pages will excite you and, if you like what you read, entice you to apply to join us. 

So what makes a good leader?  

To me leadership is a term, much like ‘strategy’, that is misused and misunderstood. Being a leader isn’t about being the CEO (or other senior title), hierarchy, control or having all the answers. Yet leaders can have a hard time breaking out of the traditional concepts of leadership and embracing a different approach. Some of that pressure comes from measuring success solely on outputs and results rather than how they are achieved. Whilst quality outputs are essential, how something is done will not only say a lot about an organisation, its values and purpose it can, if mishandled, directly undermine effectiveness and sustainability.

A brilliant working environment and great leadership can have a transformational effect on the impact an organisation can have. Conversely failing to nurture staff, empower and engage them and foster great leadership skills can undermine even the best of employees! 

I believe that leadership and ownership should come from all levels. I give to my team, and expect from them, their whole self.  We spend so much time at work it should be as fulfilling and enriching as possible - and I just don’t think that is possible if individuals are not encouraged to be themselves and play to their strengths.

Leadership is all about the positive power of relationships. It is about emotional and personal factors. It’s about valuing your colleagues and bringing the best out of them. It’s about helping them unlock something inside them that maybe they didn’t know was there. It’s about passion, love, purpose and vision but also humility, humour and fun. It’s about cultivating the courage to be emotionally honest, to set boundaries and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

We’re currently looking to fill four key roles within the organisation at a variety of levels, specifically a Head of Membership and Marketing, Corporate Partnerships Officer, Events Officer and a Membership and Database Administrator, which you can learn more about on the current opportunities page.

I am confident that you will get so much out of your time with us.

Warm wishes,

Caron Bradshaw
Chief Executive Officer

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