Welcome to Effervescent


Thank you so much for your interest in Effervescent.  

We are a unique charity; a creative agency which develops campaigns and creative content for social-purpose brands, by collaborating creatively with children and young people who are most in need of nurturing, educational, exciting experiences.

Recent and current clients include Barnardo’s; Plymouth City Council; Co-op Foundation; the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport; Exeter University; and Hamoaze House. We’ve made campaigns about mental health; foster care; child sexual exploitation; living with addiction; and asylum – by working directly with children and young people who have lived through these experiences. 

In the last six years we have delivered 5,200 hours of intensive creative work with 260 of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people, reaching approximately 10 million people worldwide, and live audiences of 75,000 people. We have intensively trained 36 undergraduates in socially engaged campaigning and delivered another 200 hours of university lectures. We have employed five of our young participants as full time employees. With one campaign alone we saved Plymouth City Council £800k last year.  

With our support, children typically go on to feel happier; engage in safer behaviours; have a sense of purpose for their future; and do better in education or work than they otherwise would. We help brands reach target audiences they wouldn’t normally reach; and engage supporters, customers, and ambassadors who are normally inaccessible to them. 

To date, our main focus has been on perfecting our campaigning and creative work with children and young people. It’s where our passion lies. As a disruptive organisation with a very unusual model, we have recently received investment to grow; and we are now excited to welcome a team of senior leaders who will help us shape and grow the charity.   

By 2024, we will support 18 socially motivated brands and organisations to reach new customers; engaging around 10 million people with life-changing campaigns around social issues each year. Together we will radically improve the wellbeing, happiness and future earning potential of 260 very vulnerable children and young people each year who, instead of dropping out of mainstream education and health services to survive traumatic childhoods alone and without a voice; will be nurtured through creative education and campaigning experiences to be the powerful, thriving social entrepreneurs and campaigners of the future. 

You’ll be a significant contributor to that success; becoming part of a passionate, skilful, playful team of people making the world a kinder and happier place.  

I can’t wait to meet you and get started.  ​

Eloise Malone
CEO and creative director

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