Temporary and interim rates

Temporary rates calculator

Salaries for temps are normally the permanent/annual figure, divided as an hourly rate. Our table can help you find the hourly equivalent for permanent salaries, and vice versa.

Figures shown are for a 35-hour week but can be adjusted proportionately: our inner maths geek suggests multiplying by 1.0714 to get the numbers (give or take a few pennies) for a 37.5-hour week. He probably needs to get out more if we’re honest.

Hourly rates are still the most common approach for temps but increasing numbers now opt to work on day rates, registering themselves as a limited company to do so. It means a higher rate upfront, but that’s because elements like PAYE and NI contributions aren’t covered by the employer. Total costs for employers are the same in either case, except that extra hours are paid for on an hourly rate, whereas day rates are generally fixed.

Where are charity temps working?

• Just under half of our temp assignments last year were in business services – most frequently in administrative and support functions, data processing or providing general assistance with operations.

• Roles in marketing were plentiful too, and over 60% of these were digital, working on projects like new websites, but increasingly covering the more creative aspects of delivery, like sourcing and writing new content.

• The largest proportion (33%) of our fundraising roles were in events; no surprise given the extra hands often needed to make them happen, while finance teams had plenty of temp work too, especially towards year-end. 


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