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News, updates, recruitment advice and job-seeking tips from our specialists at Harris Hill and across the third sector. We’re keen to make this as responsive and helpful as possible, so if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover, a question you’d like to ask, or something you’d like to share please email and we’ll do our best to address them in future posts.

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Small charities, big opportunities

As this year’s Small Charity Week starts drawing to a close, you may have seen some of the fantastic things even the smallest of organisations can achieve, and if it’s inspired you to get involved, we’re sharing some of our best opportunities to do so.

Harris Hill

22 Jun 2018

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2018 salary survey: foxed by finding fundraisers?

The Harris Hill 2018 Salary Survey has market rates for all roles but we also look at the driving factors behind the figures – here’s what’s happening in one of the most challenging areas for charities…

Harris Hill

20 Jun 2018

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How to start a new job…and survive.

You got the job! But when your first day nears it’s natural to be a little nervous, as Nicola Greenbrook knows from recent experience. Luckily, she has plenty of great advice on surviving (and thriving) in your first few weeks…

Nicola Greenbrook

18 Jun 2018

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2018 salary survey: what’s happening in the market?

Within the new Harris Hill 2018 salary survey we report on some of the key trends and changes we’ve observed while recruiting for the charity sector over the past 12 months.

Harris Hill

05 Jun 2018

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The 2018 Harris Hill salary survey is here!

What’s the market rate for your role, and how much should you offer to secure the talent you need? The Harris Hill 2018 Salary Survey has the answers, with the latest salaries for all key charity jobs plus analysis and insight from our sector specialists.

Harris Hill

30 May 2018

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Would HR in the charity sector work for you? Here’s the inside view.

With an 18-year HR career spanning organisations from the commercial to the charitable, guest writer Nicola Greenbrook is perfectly placed to explain what's different about working in HR for charities - and has some helpful tips for those already doing so too.

Nicola Greenbrook

15 May 2018

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Why charities often miss out on top talent

Not long now until Third Sector's Fundraising Week 2018, where our CEO Aled Morris is among the speakers for the Recruitment Masterclass event on May 21st. It's all about improving the hiring process, and here are four quick tips to get you started...

Harris Hill

30 Apr 2018

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That awkward moment: why we should embrace everyday embarrassments in working life

Even the coolest of cats has the occasional moment when it all just goes paws up, and in the world of work, there's no shortage of opportunities for putting your foot in it too. But as Nicola Greenbrook finds, there are ways of turning these embarrassing experiences to your advantage...

Nicola Greenbrook

20 Mar 2018

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What makes a wonderful workplace?

Having visited and recruited for countless charities in her career, Third Sector asked our director and deputy CEO Faye Marshall how organisations can make sure they're an attractive option for prospective candidates.

Harris Hill and Third Sector Jobs

15 Mar 2018

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Charity Careers: meet Sara Rees, head of fundraising for Rays of Sunshine

In the first of our brand new series of interviews with key charity sector professionals, Nicola Greenbrook talks with Sara Rees, head of fundraising for Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity about her career path, daily life, advice for aspiring candidates and hopes for the future.

Nicola Greenbrook

02 Mar 2018

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