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News, updates, recruitment advice and job-seeking tips from our specialists at Harris Hill and across the third sector. We’re keen to make this as responsive and helpful as possible, so if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover, a question you’d like to ask, or something you’d like to share please email and we’ll do our best to address them in future posts.

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The charity recruitment process – time for a change?

Interviews are done, meetings concluded and everyone’s finally agreed on the candidate…who’s just got another job. It's a familiar setback in recruiting fundraisers, but our community and regional specialist Joshua Liveras explains how changing the process could put you ahead of the pack.

Joshua Liveras

11 Oct 2018

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How to be productive at work

We’ve all had those days. It’s hectic, you’re working hard, yet it’s even harder to work out what you’re actually getting done. Luckily Nicola Greenbrook is here with some great tips to help us be more productive.

Nicola Greenbrook

01 Oct 2018

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Wonderful workplaces in the third sector: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

What makes a wonderful workplace and how can you find out if a charity's culture is right for you? In partnership with Third Sector, our business services specialist Shweta Prabhakar recently spoke with Channing Rider, director of finance at The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to find out.

Jennifer Jackson & Shweta Prabhakar

27 Sep 2018

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Charity Careers: meet Hannah Sanders, consumer brand partnerships lead for Save the Children

What does it take to drive brand partnerships for a major charity? How do you get into the sector? And what on earth would it be like to be a morning person? Nicola Greenbrook finds out all this and more in the second of our Charity Careers interviews, talking with Save the Children’s super-energetic Hannah Sanders!

Nicola Greenbrook

21 Aug 2018

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London Charity Softball League 2018: battle for the Bluestep Shield!

It's the big day and there's just time to hear from the teams who'll be hoping to snare the Bluestep Shield this afternoon: RNLI and MS Society!

Harris Hill

16 Aug 2018

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London Charity Softball League 2018: the Harris Hill Cup finalists!

With just 24 hours to go it’s time to meet the contenders for the biggest, most prestigious prize in London Charity Softball, the one and only Harris Hill Cup!

Harris Hill

15 Aug 2018

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London Charity Softball League 2018: meet the organisers!

Who are the brains behind the super-successful softball league and just how do they make it all happen? We caught up with the committee members who've most recently joined to find out more...

Harris Hill

14 Aug 2018

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London Charity Softball League 2018: it's finals week!

Things are hotting up for this year's softball league finals, happening this very Thursday in Hyde Park: we caught up with the six teams who'll be slugging it out, and first up are St Mungo's and Sustrans!

Harris Hill

13 Aug 2018

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How to overcome impostor syndrome

Ever feel like you’re faking it and not really up to the job? You’re in good company, as Nicola Greenbrook explains in this month’s guest post, exploring the psychological pattern of Impostor Syndrome (IS), how it can affect you and what you can do about it.

Nicola Greenbrook

17 Jul 2018

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2018 salary survey: developments in data, admin and projects positions

Along with comprehensive salary tables, our 2018 survey looks at what’s happening more broadly with recruitment in each of the areas we cover. Here are some of the key trends noted by our specialists in data management, operations/admin/support, and projects & programmes.

Harris Hill

11 Jul 2018

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