Projects & Programmes

Projects & Programmes

Recognising that the requirements and priorities of project and programmes professionals (and of the charities who hire them) can differ significantly from those in other functions, we created this specialist team around five years ago with the capacity to focus on this area in depth and detail, and cater to its specific needs. 

In that time, we've built an exceptional record of successful placements and remain the only third sector recruiter with a dedicated resource for this area, through a team with considerable experience and expertise in this particular niche.

Programmes roles we cover include a wide variety of UK-based initiatives such as educational, outreach or community programmes, providing youth services or a programme of support for the elderly for example. 

We also handle a considerable number of international programmes roles, working for charities in a variety of locations around the world, where programmes will typically focus on the provision of basic services such as food and medicine, often in quite challenging circumstances.

Project-based roles such as project managers are also fairly common within charities: these may be responsible for the delivery of a range of services as above, or it may be an internal project, such as managing change initiatives within an organisation.

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