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Fundraising Compliance Manager

Job description

The Fundraising Compliance Manager position holds a crucial role as the charity continues to expand its reach and fundraising initiatives, aiming to provide more support to individuals affected by a specific health condition. You will be at the heart of ensuring that fundraising and promotional activities at the charity not only meet but exceed the highest compliance standards, all while staying in step with the ever-evolving regulatory environment.

Within the supporter care and compliance team, the role thrives on close collaboration with the data privacy manager, providing guidance and training on fundraising compliance to colleagues across various departments.

This role also carries significant weight in reshaping the organisation's approach to fundraising compliance, harnessing insights and feedback from supporters to enrich the fundraising and promotional endeavours.


About you

As the new Fundraising Compliance Manager you’ll bring with you a wealth of expertise in fundraising and promotional compliance and have a natural ability to lead and inspire decision making processes.

Your proactive and independent approach to work is complemented by the support of a vibrant, dedicated team with a forward-looking mindset.

Your meticulous attention to detail and excellent organisational skills make you the ideal candidate for managing projects of all sizes.

Your dedication to placing supporters at the heart of their compliance efforts, ensuring a supporter experience that not only meets but exceeds expectations, is truly commendable.

Your proficiency in training and in upholding third parties to the stringent fundraising standards is an invaluable asset.

You possess a deep understanding of the pivotal role data plays in shaping informed decisions and have the ability to produce reports, policies, and recommendations that drive continuous improvement.


About the charity

They're a genuinely respected organisation deeply committed to research and support in the health sector. They stand as the go-to resource for all matters related to the health condition they address. They're here to provide unwavering support to individuals impacted by this condition, no matter how they may be affected.

As leading experts in research on this health condition they are dedicated to conducting life-saving research in various locations.

Their support services, provision of reliable health information, and the presence of specialised nursing care are here to assist individuals whenever they need it.

They have dedicated advocates work tirelessly to ensure that the best possible treatment, services, and care are accessible to all those affected by this health condition.

Their mission is rooted in the belief that, by a specified date, everyone diagnosed with the condition will not only survive but also receive the necessary support to lead a fulfilling life. To bring this vision to life, they understand that action is required now.


Location of role and hybrid working

This position is primarily based in one of the offices located in Cardiff, Glasgow, London or Sheffield. However, the flexible working approach allows you to enjoy the option of working up to three days per week from the comfort of your home.


Qualifications and Experience:

- Comprehensive understanding of various fundraising activities.

- Strong familiarity with fundraising regulations and standards, including data protection.

- Past involvement working in collaboration with fundraising and marketing teams.

- Proven track record in crafting policies and procedures.

- Demonstrated ability to create insightful reports suitable for diverse audiences.

- Experience in categorising and reporting on fundraising complaints.


It will be an advantage if you had:

- Experience of delivering staff training

- A Data Protection qualification

- Previous experience in a compliance related role

- Knowledge of using a fundraising CRM database

- Strong knowledge and understanding of:



data protection regulation (including the Code of Fundraising Practice)

The Data Protection Act and GDPR

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Gambling Commission etc



Good luck…we look forward to meeting you!!