Policy & Advocacy Manager

Policy & Advocacy Manager

Do you have...

- project & volunteer management skills?

- a policy & advocacy background?

- the experience to lead this charity's Patient Advocacy Project?


If you can say yes to the above, we'd love to hear from you. This is a great opportunity for you to be the spearhead & make your mark on a new project.

We would like you to come on board, roll up your sleeves and take responsibility for the charity's patient advocacy project. As the Policy & Advocacy Manager, you will be helping to develop the charity's national policy & strategy to improve the diagnosis, care and treatment of people with a rare medical condition.

What does the role involve?

Project & Volunteer Management

- Recruit volunteers to support the delivery of the 'change maker' project.

- Provide training to volunteers ensuring that they have the core skills and knowledge required to meet the charity's policy objective.

- Provide ongoing support and management to project volunteers.

- Develop local relationships with clinicians, NHS providers, commissioners.

- Ensure that the charity's 'change maker' project is able to meet its core objectives on time and within budget.


Policy Development

- Gather evidence from volunteers, clinicians, service users and other key players to provide evidence for policy discussions.

- Work with the SMT to develop best practice models and set national and regional policy positions.

- Remain up-to-date with developments in NHS services.

- Provide regular progress reports to the SMT and the project steering group.

- Produce an annual project up-date report to funders and other stakeholders.


What Skills & Knowledge are required?

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

- knowledge of NHS structures, service provision and commissioning.

- knowledge of patient participation opportunities and principles.

- Experience in building networks within healthcare community.


In addition, the following would be 'desirable'.

Experience of working:

- in the third sector.

- as part of a small team and remotely.

- with volunteers.

- with healthcare professionals.

We look forward to meeting you...Good Luck!!! :)