Project and Development Officer

Project and Development Officer

A charity are looking for a Project/Development Officer to provide capacity building and support to charities and community organisation in Wandsworth.

Building on the success of its Voluntary Sector Coordination Project over the last three years, the charity has recently won a contract to deliver an enhanced level of support to the voluntary sector in Wandsworth which will now include: capacity building, organisational development support and advice.

This role will lead this new and exciting expansion to their support for the voluntary and community sector in Wandsworth. You will provide this in a variety of ways, responding to the needs of the sector: 1:1 work with organisations; via a training programme; peer to peer learning and by convening relevant networks, one of which will be a Small Groups Network.

Key Responsibilities:
The aim is to increase the resilience and sustainability of the voluntary and community sector in Wandsworth by providing development support to voluntary and community organisations, to build capacity within organisations and the community as a whole. The support provided will cover, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

-Develop an overall plan/strategy to support voluntary and community groups to be more resilient and sustainable;
-Support voluntary and community organisations working in Wandsworth to access appropriate funding, understand funding criteria and develop their capacity to enable them to increase their chances of making successful bids;
Identify and share funding opportunities national, regional and local, from a variety of sources
-Develop and, where possible, deliver a programme of training and also identify and utilise expertise from external trainers
-Work with the Communications Officer to ensure timely dissemination of information relating to development support and funding opportunities
-Develop a suite of online resources to enable organisations to consider legal structures and the relevant policies and procedures;
-Provide 1:1 support to voluntary and community organisations in Wandsworth ensuring it meets the overall aim of resilience and sustainability.
-Develop relationships with funders;
-Respond to enquiries about development, including: setting up a voluntary organisation; legal structures, governance, quality standards and funding sources;.
-Convene and facilitate a Small Groups Network to bring groups together that are at a similar stage in their development to encourage peer support;
-Develop collaborative approaches to fundraising within the voluntary and community sector;
-Promote understanding and implementation of systems to monitor the effectiveness of projects and services delivered by the voluntary and community sector

Skills and Experience required:
-At least 3 years' recent experience of providing development support to the voluntary and community sector, including: setting up new charitable organisations; business planning; fundraising; income generation; demonstrating impact;
-Experience of partnership working to develop or provide services/projects;
-Experience of providing 1:1 support to groups;
-Experience of developing and maintaining effective working relationships with a wide range of people and engagement in networks;
-Experience of fundraising for the voluntary and community sector.
-Understanding of the role of a local infrastructure organisation;
-Knowledge of issues facing the voluntary and community sector in the current climate;
-Charity law, legal structures, governance requirements in the voluntary and community sector;
-Monitoring and evaluation of services.