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The 2018 Harris Hill Salary Survey is here!

What do charity staff really earn? Our charity salary survey for 2018 showed an overall average salary in the charity sector of £25,000, though of course, salaries vary greatly depending on the role. We also found the average executive salary in the charity sector to be around £60,000, and that only 0.05% of charities have any employees earning £100,000 or more.

You'll find all the details in the Harris Hill 2018 Salary Survey, our 13th annual guide to remuneration for roles throughout the charity and not for profit sectors in the UK. Based on the thousands of third sector jobs we've worked on in the last 12 months, we provide comprehensive and detailed salary ranges for both permanent and temporary positions at all levels for the key roles and job functions in each of our specialist areas, including:

Data Management ▪ Digital ▪ Executive Search ▪ Fundraising ▪ Finance ▪ Human Resources ▪ Marketing & Communications ▪ Operations, Admin & Support ▪ Press & PR ▪ Projects & Programmes


We also highlight some of the major trends we've observed over the past year in each specialism and the wider sector, such as:

  • What's at the top of 2018 candidates' wishlist when it comes to their next role?
  • Are salaries being pushed up by the high demand/short supply of candidates in many areas?
  • On limited budgets, how can charities attract and retain talented staff?
  • What are employers really looking for, and what kind of skills and experience are likely to be among the most highly-prized over the year ahead?


Executive salaries

This year we've also taken a closer look at the senior executive market, in particular the ever-controversial issue of remuneration for charity CEOs: are six-figure salaries as widespread as some suggest, and what are the particular responsibilities of a charity CEO that justify the higher level of pay?

How we gather the information

All the data is taken from the actual roles we've worked on over the past year (approximately 3,000 in total), then analysed by our specialist consultants, applying their insight and expert knowledge of the wider market to ensure the figures are a realistic reflection of the salaries being offered in each field.

As such it is not an exhaustive list of every charity and not-for-profit salary paid in the last year but is a detailed and representative guide which we hope you'll find a genuinely useful reference tool.

If you'd like any further information on salaries with the sector, please get in touch with us on 020 7820 7300 or contact the relevant team below:

  • Data Management 020 7820 7304 data@harrishill.co.uk
  • Executive Search 020 7820 7323 executive@harrishill.co.uk
  • Fundraising 020 7820 7326 fundraising@harrishill.co.uk
  • Finance 020 7820 7340 financerecruitment@harrishill.co.uk
  • Human Resources 020 7820 7340 humanresources@harrishill.co.uk
  • Marketing, PR & Digital 020 7820 7333 marketing@harrishill.co.uk
  • Operations, Admin & Support 020 7820 7304 operations@harrishill.co.uk
  • Projects & Programmes 020 7820 7304 projects@harrishill.co.uk
  • Temporary & Interim 020 7820 7325 teamtemps@harrishill.co.uk

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