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Yes, as you’ve so rightly guessed, that's the unmistakable sound of the Harris Hill Charity Series klaxon signalling the start of the 2020 Series!

But what is the Harris Hill Charity Series? We decided to ask the question. In slightly larger blue type.

What is the Harris Hill Charity Series?

We’re so glad you asked. In the most straightforward terms, it’s a series of three fantastic inter-charity contests that just get more and more popular by the year: February’s big quiz night (more of which in a moment), bowling night in November, and right through the summer from May to August, the daddy of them all: the London Charity Softball League!

For us, it's also a way to give something back to the sector we love working with. We can’t claim credit for organising the events – that’s all down to the tireless and super-committed committee from numerous charities who heroically (and entirely voluntarily) do the hard work in their free time to make it all happen, and who we really can’t thank enough.

But we're delighted to have been lead sponsor since time immemorial, currently estimated to be somewhere around 2005. If you’re under 35 or so, that’s a year from the distant past when you were probably still at school or uni, while for the more ‘vintage’ among us it’s one of those that feels about three months ago and cannot possibly be FIFTEEN YEARS already. Yikes.

How can my charity get involved?

Via the aforementioned committee who you can read about here and hereand much like the other A-Team, ‘if no-one else can help... and if you can find them' (ideally Mr Leo Visconti, founding father of the softball league) maybe you can sign up for the next available event.

All charities are welcome, and if you're keen to play softball but don't have the numbers for a full team, do not despair: many of the league's top teams are a hybrid of two or more charities working together, a great example of the collaborative and supportive spirit that makes the league something really quite special to be part of (but still fiercely competitive!)

Meanwhile, speaking of hybrid teams and the next event...

It's the 2020 quiz night!

Yes, tomorrow if you're reading this today (Feb 24th), today if you're reading this tomorrow, and 'some time ago' if you're watching this on catch-up, the Harris Hill Charity Series Quiz Night is back!

Around 40 charities will be heading to the fabulous Patch St Paul's, where the winning combo of Can Mezzanine and Disability Rights UK (aka The Cantelopes) took top honours in 2019, very closely followed by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and Lumos.

Just a few rounds of challenging questions now stand between us and knowing who's the smartest in the sector (SPOILER ALERT: probably not us), and there are some particularly fantastic prizes to be won in this year's fundraising raffle.

So our huge appreciation and a round of applause if you will please, for these brilliant businesses who've kindly donated prizes, including Vauxhall's Embody Wellness and Floatworks spas, Mondo Brewery, Northcote Biscuiteers, the stylish Linnaen restaurant and spa, Oliver Bonas, Psycle Clapham, Sadhana Yoga & Wellbeing and the ever-popular Sipsmith Gin and Beefeater Gin!

One last note for those attending, don't forget to bring some cash for raffle tickets if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning one of these brilliant prizes (and there are more to come!), may the best team win, and we'll see you there!

Team HH x

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