Harris Hill's Golden Softballs 2018

Harris Hill's Golden Softballs!

Back for a second run in 2018 despite overwhelming popular demand, it's a simple premise. 

Teams receive two cards per week, each packed with facts about our lovely consultants, and a glorious golden softball complete with hastily-placed code. Collect the codes, enter the draw, win the prize: a top night out for the whole team at Bounce, the stylish original home of ping-pong! Quite literally, a whole different ball game.

To our delight, entries were entered, so the draw was drawn (we'll spare you the BAFTA-baiting video but it's probably still haunting Twitter), and the winner of our 2018 prize was......Ricky Mitchell of The Labradoodles, otherwise known as community champions Locality and Power 2 Change!

And here are some of the team enjoying that very prize (and a whole lotta pizza) - many thanks from us for a great evening!

Congratulations again to our winners, a huge thank you to all the teams for taking part - and if you'd inexplicably like to see what they soldiered through to get there, you'll find the full collection of cards below.

NB: all information correct as of summer 2018, apart from the bits we might have slightly made up.

Team Harris Hill x

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