Digital Project Officer - 20hpw

Digital Project Officer - 20hpw

Harris Hill is delighted to be working with ARTICLE 19, find a Digital Projects Officer for 4 months, on a 20 hour per week basis.

Article19 work to protect and defend the universal human rights of freedom of expression and information around the world. As a Digital Communications Officer, your responsibilities include communication delivery and support for both international and regional advocacy teams, global campaigns, information management and internal communications.

The Digital Project Officer is responsible for implementing web-development projects with our agency and partners and leading on developing various aspects of ARTICLE 19's online presence

Key responsibilities:

  • Manage ARTICLE 19'S global website, ensuring content is up to date and relevant, managing SEO, design, usability and accessibility, and working with external consultants/ agencies on maintenance and updates.
  • Lead on implementing specific web development projects including: WordPress Multi-site, and regional website governance.
  • Long-Reader and home page development work under the "Phase 2" project.
  • The successful integration of the new campaign features on the website
  • The successful integration and launch of the XpA Report.
  • Work with the team on digital content curation, and long form publishing to the web, including quality control, content updating and working on page improvements.
  • Support on digital content curation, including ensuring, from time to time, that French, Arabic, and Spanish versions of ARTICLE 19's website are reflective of regional priorities.
  • Support staff in use of website CMS, following policy and creating guidelines where necessary.
  • Monitor and report of website stats.


  • Extensive experience of working with WordPress and web-development projects.
  • Extensive ability in briefing agencies and working with a wide variety of project work streams.
  • Enthusiasm for and experience in supporting colleagues with digital communications activities, either through coaching/training or assisting with particular projects.

The client isn't sure whether they will put this through as a fixed term contract or as an hourly/daily rate. Please specify preference as this could be put through a Ltd/ Umbrella company also.