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PR Campagns Lead

Job description

Harris Hill is urgently seeking a PR and Communications Lead for a national children's charity for 7-8 weeks on a remote or hybrid basis.

We are looking for someone with a track record in conceiving and executing innovative PR strategies, good relationship-building capabilities, and who is quick to adapt and respond to different needs. The focus of this position will be on strategic campaign management and content creation, with some performance monitoring and evaluation.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic and Creative Campaign Management: Craft a dynamic PR plan that aligns with the campaign’s objectives and ensures the campaign's core messages are conveyed accurately and engagingly.

Quickly understand campaign goals to create and implement innovative and impactful communication strategies.

Content Creation and Execution: Develop compelling PR materials such as press releases, media kits, and digital content. Demonstrate creativity in messaging and tactics, ensuring adaptability across various platforms to engage diverse audiences.

Proactive Event Coordination: Organise a campaign-related event, ensuring it is properly publicised for maximum media exposure and public engagement.

Performance Monitoring and Agile Response: Evaluate the effectiveness of communication strategies and adjust tactics in real-time to improve campaign results. Respond quickly to feedback and able to shift to maintain campaign momentum.


Required Skills and Qualifications

Proven Creative and Strategic Acumen: Demonstrated ability to conceive, develop, and implement innovative and effective communication strategies within tight deadlines.

Exceptional Relationship-Building Skills: Proven track record of quickly establishing and leveraging relationships with internal and external stakeholders to achieve PR goals.

Superior Communication and Persuasion Skills: Excellent writing and verbal skills, capable of producing and presenting ideas that persuade and resonate with diverse audiences.

Adaptability and Quick Learning: Ability to absorb new information rapidly and translate it into well-developed communication strategies.

Tenacity and Follow-Through: Strong project management skills to drive projects from conception to completion amid challenges.


If you would like to learn more about this role, please enquire for further information.