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Find the latest charity rates in the 2022 Harris Hill Salary Survey

What’s the going rate for your charity sector role?

Whether you’re a head of fundraising for a small charity, digital manager for a household name, or in any of almost 200 other positions in the sector, you’ll find answers in the brand new 2022 Harris Hill Salary Survey.

The new report arrives with our thanks first of all to the several hundred superb organisations who’ve entrusted us in the past year and more with the diverse range of roles that form the basis of the survey.

From there, we add the insight and expertise of our experienced specialists in each field, working role by role to identify misleading or unrepresentative cases that might distort the picture – for example, roles that are far more senior/junior than the title suggests – and applying their up-to-the-minute knowledge from handling similar roles every day to ensure we reflect what’s actually being paid (not just what’s advertised) for each role throughout the sector.

Our thanks too, for the many (many!) requests and enquiries we've had from people patiently awaiting the next edition: we’re delighted to say that it’s now here and available to download from the link below, and we hope you find it a valuable reference for the year ahead.

With salaries for everything from entry-level roles to director positions, the survey covers each of our specialist areas:

Chief Executives & Directors • Data Management • Finance • Fundraising • Human Resources 

Marketing, PR & Digital • Operations, Admin & Support • Policy, Advocacy & Campaigns • Temporary & Interim

Market trends

We’ve also examined some of the key issues currently affecting the market, not least the widespread and seemingly ever-more-acute shortage of candidates: why have numbers fallen and where to find new talent now? 

And after two years of turbulence and quite radical change in the working landscape, what impact has the pandemic and the rise of flexible working had on salaries?

A (very) recent history of the survey

It's our 15th annual guide to salaries in the UK charity sector, but in this case, the first since the outbreak of a global pandemic, whose many crimes (though admittedly among the more benign) include putting paid to the last two editions.

Work was just underway in 2020 when much of the world shut down, closing off key fundraising avenues for charities (while demand for their services often increased), and triggering widespread fear of redundancies, job losses and for some, even the prospect of having to cease operations entirely.

In which context, reporting on the previous year's salaries seemed rather like reviewing the Titanic’s restaurants for passengers clinging to the lifeboats: information that may have been welcome yesterday, now eclipsed by some rather more pressing concerns.

Uncertainty still prevailed by the spring of 2021, but we're delighted that the last year has been characterised by a strong and consistent recovery, each month surpassing the last, creating the clear picture needed to bring you this brand new report.

For more information...

Throughout the report you'll find details of the relevant specialists together with the salaries in their respective fields, and they're by far the best people to call with queries relating to those areas.

Meanwhile for more general enquiries, feedback or requests relating to the survey, please call us on 020 7820 7300 or get in touch by email.

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