The Harris Hill & CharityJob 2019 Salary Report

Welcome to the 2019 Salary Report, your definitive guide to salaries in the UK charity sector. 

It's the 14th annual salary survey from Harris Hill, based on the thousands of charity vacancies we’ve worked on during the year: but this time that’s only half the story.

To reflect the wider sector as accurately as possible we wanted to cover an even broader selection of roles, advertised by charities directly and by recruiters like ourselves. That's because recruiters tend to be called in for the more challenging vacancies to fill, and the difficulty in doing so may result in (or indeed be caused by) salaries that are outwith the usual range.

So to complete the picture, who better to ask than the experts at the UK’s largest specialist job board for not for profit, NGO, social enterprise, CIC and voluntary jobs, home to thousands of charity jobs every year?

Happily they agreed, so we've been delighted to collaborate with CharityJob on this year’s report, bringing fresh perspective and insight, and a wealth of information that's helped to build our biggest, most accurate and comprehensive salary guide to date, based on no fewer than 45,000 genuine UK charity and not for profit vacancies from the past financial year.

Click below for the salaries and trends in your field of expertise, or use the left-hand menu on each page.

You can also download the full 24-page report in pdf format via the buttons below, or contact our consultants on 020 7820 7300 with any queries or requirements in these areas, who may also be able to send you a hard copy of the booklet, subject to availability.

Download the full 24-page 2019 Salary Report

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