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Have your say on changes to charity reporting

Back at the beginning of September, the Charity Commission opened a three-month public consultation on their proposed changes to charities' annual returns, which could apply from January 2018 onwards.

The changes, covered in more detail here by Third Sector and Civil Society, are intended to improve public trust and confidence in the sector by increasing charities' accountability and transparency, and provide the Commission with more detailed information to help them regulate and support the sector more effectively.

However the consultation is taking place as some of the proposed new questions, on areas like executive pay, overseas funding, payments to trustees and the use of professional fundraisers, are considered controversial by many within the sector.

While the vast majority favour greater transparency, many have concerns around the new areas to be reported on, how the data may ultimately be used, and the increased administrative burden for charities who may be required to provide significant amounts of additional information.

Charity Finance Group consultation

One party with such concerns is the Charity Finance Group (CFG) whose members, working at all levels within the finance teams of charities nationwide, are likely to be among the people most affected by an increase in reporting requirements.

As an organisation we partner with regularly on charity finance recruitment, CFG have been in touch to let us know about their own consultation, which is open until Monday 20th November and aims to find out how many share their concerns. Here's what they had to say:

"Charity Finance Group (CFG) are conducting a survey in response to the Charity Commission consultation on the proposed changes to the Annual Return 2018 (AR18).

The Charity Commission is conducting a two year project to review the information they collect from charities.

CFG has a number of concerns about the suggested proposals in the Annual Return 2018 consultation. This consultation is an opportunity for charities to ensure that the Annual Return remains an effective reporting tool that is focused on benefiting charities, while advancing the public interest. The more charities that take part in this consultation, the better CFG will be able to influence the final model of the Annual Return. CFG thanks you for participating in our consultation."

Make your voice heard: take part in the CFG survey

If you'd like to express your views on the proposed changes, you can click here to take part in the Charity Finance Group consultation at any time before 5pm on Monday 20th November 2017.

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