Harris Hill's Golden Softballs!

Bring on the balls...

Every summer, over 120 charities from across the capital battle it out week after week to be crowned champions of the London Charity Softball League! 

We're immensely proud to be part of it, and as lead sponsors we've supplied the Harris Hill bar to refresh the August grand final crowds for more years than anyone can remember. Especially after they've been at the fruit cider. It's a challenging, superbly organised and phenomenally popular contest - and were it not for those qualities, one that might share something with our very own summer-long challenge, namely... 

Harris Hill's Golden Softballs!

Launched in 2017 and back for a second run last summer despite overwhelming popular demand, it's a simple premise. 

Teams receive two cards per week, each packed with facts about our lovely consultants, and a glorious golden softball complete with hastily-placed code. Collect the codes, enter the draw, win the prize: a top night out for the whole team at Bounce, the stylish original home of ping-pong! Quite literally, a whole different ball game.

To our delight, entries were entered, so the draw was drawn (we'll spare you the BAFTA-baiting video but it's probably still haunting Twitter), and the winner of our 2018 prize was......Ricky Mitchell of The Labradoodles, otherwise known as community champions Locality and Power 2 Change!

And here are some of the team enjoying that very prize (and a whole lotta pizza) - many thanks from us for a great evening!

Congratulations again to our winners, a huge thank you to all the teams for taking part - and if you'd inexplicably like to see what they soldiered through to get there, you'll find the full collection of cards below.

NB: all information correct as of summer 2018, apart from the bits we might have slightly made up.

Team Harris Hill x

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