Harris Hill's Golden Softballs!

Bring on the balls...

Every summer, over 120 charities from across the capital battle it out week after week to be crowned champions of the London Charity Softball League! 

We're immensely proud to be part of it, and as lead sponsors we've supplied the Harris Hill bar to refresh the August grand final crowds for more years than anyone can remember. Especially after they've been at the fruit cider. It's a challenging, superbly organised and phenomenally popular contest - and were it not for those qualities, one that might share something with our very own summer-long challenge, namely Harris Hill's Golden Softballs!

►► Very Important Update!

(Wed 21 August 2019)

New closing date: 5pm Tuesday 27th August!

Huge thanks to those who've entered so far, and congratulations on working out how to! But since social media's been positively ablaze for days (we're talking at least three tweets, maybe more) with people desperate to know how to submit entries, it's clear there'd been something of a (soft)balls-up in bringing you that rather crucial information.

Somewhere in last week's email extravaganaza and frenzy of pre-finals excitement, it escaped us that entry details went out just once, in Friday's newsletter after the finals, when it's fair to assume many of us won't have been anywhere near a desk, much less capable of looking at a brightly-lit screen. So we can hardly blame anyone for missing them, or indeed yesterday's ludicrously short deadline. Our bad, as they say (to the fury of linguistic purists everywhere).

With all that in mind - and because we don't want to go on our own - you've now got until next Tuesday, 27th August to enter, and we'll reveal the beyond-lucky winner on Friday 30th! Hurray!

What's the prize?

We figured a few more details wouldn't go amiss here either, so here's a quick Q&A:

► What can I win?

A top night out for you and your softball team at the fabulous Flight Club, the home of social darts! Food, drinks and darts will all be on us, and don't worry if you haven't played social darts before: it's exactly like antisocial darts except you throw them at a board, rather than other people in the bar.

► Who can I bring?

We can take up to 20 people, so with a handful of us to keep the refreshments coming, there's space for around 15-16 players - though there may be some flexibility depending on the venue. Speaking of which...

► Where would this be?

There are several Flight Clubs around London, so if you win, we'll liaise with you as to the most convenient for you and your team-mates. We'll go anywhere there's beer, basically.

► When would this be?

A weeknight after work but beyond that pretty flexible too: we'll liaise with the winner (and venue) to find a date everyone can make. Excluding Christmas and whichever Thursday in November is for bowling, of course.


So how do I enter?

We thought you'd never ask. Check out the cards below for the numbers, then click here or below to enter your answers, and the very best of luck!

• Please note this competition is open to participants in the London Charity Softball League only; eligibility will be verified by the LCSL committee whose decision will be final. Your statutory rights will remain, as ever, unaffected, but that's statutory rights for you. Someone dropped a fridge on mine the other day and they didn't even flinch.

How to play (a quick reminder)

• Below you'll find ten softball cards each profiling one of our lovely consultants, released over the final five weeks of the season.

• On each card you’ll find a glorious golden softball, emblazoned with a number marked ‘P’ or ‘T’: the number of permanent and temporary jobs we had available that week.

• To enter, simply collect all ten cards, add up the two totals (permanent and temporary), and click the ball above to enter them.

We'll announce the winner in due course, and meanwhile you can still check out last year's winners and the 2018 competition here.

Good luck from all of us!

Team Harris Hill

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