Regional updates

And now, as the BBC would say, for the news where you are. At least if you’re reading this anywhere in Scotland or the South West, where we’re delighted to have opened brand new operations in the last 12 months.

For more details, it’s over to our regional correspondents (with apologies to Scotland, which is of course a country but it just didn’t scan).


It’s been a fascinating few months here in Scotland getting to know the local market, and one of the first things you notice is a strong and vibrant sector with so many organisations doing phenomenal work for their chosen causes.

We’re fortunate to have strong relationships with numerous organisations we’ve worked with here in the past, giving us a sound footing from which to grow and build new relationships with many more local organisations.

Naturally, there are a number of differences between the sector here and in London, which are reflected in salary packages as well as contracts.

In particular there are a significantly greater number of part-time opportunities than you’ll typically find in the South East. The size of the market is smaller but there are still plenty of opportunities for ambitious individuals who want to further develop a career in the sector.

There are opportunities with organisations across the country, although the vast majority are based in the central belt, with access to Edinburgh or Glasgow being an important consideration for many candidates.

Salary levels differ between organisations but are still competitive and there is a realisation that the demand for talent is sometimes influenced by the package on offer.

As for Harris Hill Scotland, there’s still plenty to be done as we grow and raise awareness of our brand, but the people and organisations we’ve worked with so far have been extremely encouraging, and the signs that we’ll be able to build a strong Scottish presence with an excellent service for the sector look very positive indeed. 

Jason Jederon, Harris Hill Scotland
07388 949510 • scotland@harrishill.co.uk

The South West

Based in the beautiful city of Bath, our brand new South West office is now officially up and running.

The office covers all roles across the region from fundraisers and marketers to chief executives and board members. In the short time we’ve been open we have already made appointments at chief executive and director level in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Worcestershire, and we’ve just recruited our second member of staff to manage the workload.

As the UK’s leading specialists in charity recruitment, we wanted to bring the same high standards, specialist sector knowledge and quality of candidates available in the South East to charities’ doorsteps in the South West. 

So far we’ve received a fantastic welcome across the board and have already worked successfully with a wide number of charities across the region.

We’re also delighted to announce that Harris Hill will be key sponsors of the South West Development Directors Forum for the next three years.

This reinforces our commitment to the region and will have benefits for both charities and jobseekers, which you can learn more about via the Harris Hill South West web page.

That’s also where you’ll find our contact details and further news, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like our assistance with any requirements you have in the region - we’d be delighted to work with you.

Ben Pountney, Harris Hill South West
01225 904651 • southwest@harrishill.co.uk

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