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While our regular surveys take a comprehensive look at salaries in the sector once a year, remuneration is an important and much-discussed issue whatever the month.

So there's always more to say, new developments and further detail that's worth sharing straight away.

This is where we'll highlight any additional salary-related information, updates and supplementary features published throughout the year, and any other relevant resources you may find useful.

September 2019 

How to negotiate a pay rise in the charity sector

If the rates in our 2019 Salary Report leave you feeling a little short-changed, what next? Requesting a raise in the charity sector can be uniquely awkward: feeling undervalued helps no-one, but does more for you mean less for those in need?

Guest writer and freelance HR specialist Nicola Greenbrook has a wealth of charity HR experience and is here to tackle this tricky dilemma. Read more...

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