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How we work

Why work for Harris Hill?

Ask people about being a recruitment consultant and they'll often tell you - with the intonation of a plumber who's just found something ruinously wrong with your downspout - stories of long hours, pushy salespeople and an ultra-competitive, target-driven culture. We can honestly say that Harris Hill is different on all levels.

If you’ve worked in recruitment before, you’ll find our open, friendly and supportive culture a genuine breath of fresh air, and if you haven’t, it’s a superb place to start.

As a fairly small company, one of the first things you’ll notice is that everyone matters. What you achieve will have a direct impact on the bottom line of the business, so it’s in everyone’s interest to help you succeed.

While there’s some healthy competition between teams, there’s no jealous guarding of individual commissions; we share information and support each other to achieve the best possible results for our clients and candidates, both because that’s our mission, and because we believe it delivers the best results for us too.

Open and flexible

You’ll also find we have a very positive approach to new ideas and ways of working; and we’re flexible enough to implement them.

Whether you’re a senior manager or junior resourcer, if you’ve got ideas for improvements to processes, candidate attraction, marketing, social events or any other areas, they’ll not only be welcomed and encouraged, but frequently put into practice, so you really do have the opportunity to make a difference.

There are a few standard company processes you’ll need to learn of course, but beyond that there’s no single fixed style of working: unlike some recruiters we won’t be monitoring your calls per hour or insisting on arbitrary targets.

Everyone’s different and, in our view, much more effective when treated as an adult and given the responsibility and trust to succeed. Provided you’re achieving the goals you’re aiming for, how you get there is very much down to your own working style.

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