The future

We are ready to take our work to a broader market in a structured way so we become increasingly sustainable and resilient; create innovative campaigns that are effective and valuable, continue to develop new talented practitioners; help more socially motivated brands and organisations to perform better; influence and train other organisations to use our techniques so they can do more social good; and create life-changing experiences for more children, not just in our home city but across the UK and, increasingly, internationally.  

Prototypes have demonstrated that the campaigns we create with children and young people can be monetised. A new Enterprise Unit will make us more robust, able to generate additional surplus funds and broaden children’s positive influence in the world.  

There is a need for formal and informal training to meet future demand for this emerging sector both in the UK and worldwide. Our expanded Learning Unit will support us with sustainable income and build on our existing teaching relationships with UK based universities.  

Our aims include: 

• To generate profit through our business units that will enable us to meet our charitable objectives and Mission.
• To generate additional funds through grants and other fundraising initiatives to support specific projects and / or areas of operation.
• Always to be professional and credible in our business functions, continually striving for new opportunities in our field to generate additional sales, increase income and profitability, plus improve the quality and value of our products and services for our clients and beneficiaries. 

When we have done this, we will be a charity: 

• Supporting 18 socially motivated organisations each year to achieve more social good. 
• Training more than a thousand people a year in socially motivated campaigning techniques. 
• Nurturing 260 vulnerable children and young people each year to acquire the skills, self-belief, creativity, and connections to become the social campaigners, entrepreneurs, and educators of the future.

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