Vision, mission and values

Our mission

We nurture and coach the most vulnerable children and young people to create professional campaigns which trigger local, national, and international change towards sustainable societies and social good.  

Our business model with three distinct business units enables us to produce bespoke campaigns; spread the word through learning and teaching; and monetise our IP - providing income to scale our reach and our offer nationally and internationally.  

Our vision 

The world becomes a kinder, happier, healthier place through creativity, innovation, and sustainable business practices. 

Our values

In everything we do, we hold these key values at our core: 

We design transformation, we make extraordinary, beautiful campaigns that create real change.

We are brave, we engage with subject matter and ideas that challenge us, our clients, and the public.

We embrace the impossible, we research what is needed, and build whatever is necessary to make that happen.

We are mischievous. Warmth, happiness, playful experimentation and hopefulness underpin everything we do. 

We nurture. We provide clients, children and young people, campaigns, communities and our staff with exceptional resources, support and energy.

We play nicely. We are welcoming, supportive and honest; we actively share resources, ideas and knowledge. 

We prize truthfulness. We work honestly and with clarity, with clients we can genuinely benefit; our campaigns are authentic and impact-focused.

We build lasting impact. We design products, services, and experiences that ensure enduring positive change for children, brands, and communities. 

We price our work fairly. We create robust campaigns that set a challenge to other design agencies. We generate real world return on investment, measured in pounds and pence.

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